We’re passionate about delivering the proper safety equipment to those in need while keeping our founders beliefs and ethics at the forefront.

Whether you have been a customer and friend with us from the start or you are new to our business, we promise to provide you with the same customer service and attention that our founders believed was essential to Akron Safety Lite over 50 years ago.

We will continue to provide you with the newest and safest technology along with the most compliant equipment available on the market


Our founder’s, Retired Akron Police Sergeant, Vince Blanco and his wife Josephine “Jo” had a vision in 1961 of bringing a new industry and increased safety to the roads of the Rubber Capital.

While being on patrol Vince found a need to provide a safer road for both the public and the workers. Shortly after he founded Akron Safety LIte and Equipment Company he introduced the first battery powered case light to the Akron area. This would go on to replace the original “smudge pots”. From that moment on it was about originating and innovating road safety equipment for Akron and NorthEast Ohio.

Vince and Jo continued to work together, until Vince’s untimely death in 1994 leaving his Legacy to his wife Jo, three daughters and 5 grandchildren. We continue their mission of working towards a safer Ohio to this day.


Our team is highly skilled and very knowledgeable. With over 50 years combined experience in safety equipment our team has the know how to answer any question you or your employees might have.

Not sure what exact equipment, sign, cone or barricade you need? Our trusted team will know exactly what the job site requires.


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